Chartered Engineer Certificate

In order to export machinery to India, it is a mandatory requirement of The Indian Government to obtain a Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC), otherwise machinery will be rejected by customs at the port of entry in India, resulting in costly delays and increased expenditure.

Humber Inspection International is fully registered with, and approved by, The Government of India (DGFT). We employ certified engineers amongst our staff, consequently, we are regularly entrusted by companies, both Indian and foreign, to provide consultancy services, inspection and certification of a wide variety of machinery and equipment. Our professional, cost effective, service has enabled our principals to gain smooth entry of their goods into India.We work with importers and exporters of new and used machinery, plant, production lines, mills, printers and equipment by providing an impartial inspection concerning the quality and condition of goods prior to packing into either packing case, shipping container, or loading aboard vessel. Our inspection involves recording the year of manufacture / markings, investigating reconditioning of the goods (if any), estimating the expected residual life of the goods, valuation appraisal (assessment on the reasonableness of value) and providing a technical description of the machinery. Photographic evidence is also obtained and copy documentation is collated. In an attempt to minimise costly transit damage, the engineer will also witness machinery being packed and/or loaded, in order to confirm that the goods have been correctly, and securely, stowed. Where applicable, packing cases are stamped and containers are sealed. Upon completion of the inspection, our findings are rapidly and accurately detailed in a Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate or Report, finally The Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC) is presented to the client in the correct format.We have been involved in a variety of project cargoes in several countries worldwide. Whether you are exporting a single machine, or relocating a whole factory or steel mill, Humber Inspection has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your inspection requirements.