Used Print Machinery

    Humber Inspection work with many leading worldwide traders, both buyers and sellers. of new and used sheet fed and web offset printing presses and auxiliary equipment. Our highly experienced inspectors and engineers provide a comprehensive range of checks which are designed to ensure that goods correspond to contractual specifications, and attempt to prevent damage in transit. Examples of typical services conducted during our Pre-Shipment Inspection include:
  • Liaising with the supplier to ensure goods are treated with anti corrosive chemicals.
  • Checking printer and accessory serial numbers against supplied data from the buyer.
  • Examining or witnessing the packing, wrapping, banding, boxing or strapping onto pallet of any auxiliary items or accessories.
  • Tally/check off of items to be loaded against contract or packing list specification.
  • Performing a general inspection of the equipment, recording markings and identifying any potential damage which is immediately reported to the principal.
  • Inspecting the shipping container to ensure it is clean, dry and in an acceptable condition to transport the designated goods.
  • Constant supervision of container loading operations to ensure that the goods are loaded without any damage.
  • Verifying that the goods are securely stowed and lashed inside the container in order to prevent movement and costly transit damage.
  • Obtaining photographic evidence prior to, during, and after completion of container loading.
  • Witnessing container seal application.
  • Providing a full written and photographic report by email and post
    Benefits of nominating Humber Inspection for Pre-Shipment Inspection include:
  • Humber Inspection understands that buyers will have probably visited the seller in the UK to view the machinery, prior to agreeing a purchase.
  • Buyers can save additional time and expenditure (flights, hotels etc.) by allowing us to protect their interests during loading of the goods.
  • We offer a fixed daily rate for inspection and are in constant attendance throughout the loading operations.
  • Buyers can be assured that: goods loaded are as per contractual specification : goods are loaded without damage : goods are securely stowed and lashed inside the container.
  • We employ highly experienced inspectors and engineers who regularly perform surveys on a wide variety of printing presses and machinery.
  • We work with many of the leading traders of printing machinery worldwide.
  • We are an ISO registered company.We are able to offer services in many countries worldwide through our network of offices and overseas partners, please visit the contact page of our website for details.For goods destined to India, please follow this link: Chartered Engineer Certificate