Machinery & Engineering

Humber Inspection International employs highly skilled and experienced engineers who perform regular inspection and testing of machinery and equipment.

We provide exporters and importers with peace of mind by performing a detailed inspection of goods, which can be new or second hand, prior to shipment. The goods are normally checked to ensure that they are in sound working order. The engineer will perform a general quality examination and will record any defects and markings. He will also check that the machinery is packed appropriately for onward transportation either by container, directly onto transport or in packing cases for airfreight. Photographic evidence is supplied by conventional camera during the Pre Shipment Inspection and during the loading process. We also provide added security by sealing containers and stamping packaging. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that goods are in strict conformity to Letters of Credit, Purchase Orders, Contracts or Packing Lists and to attempt to minimise transit damage. Upon completion of the inspection, our findings are rapidly and accurately detailed in a Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate or Report.

We have experience at inspecting a wide range of machinery including printers, wind turbines, generators, manufacturing machines, heavy plant equipment and full steel mills. Whether you are exporting a single machine or a whole factory site, Humber Inspection can assist you with your inspection requirements.