Fertiliser Inspection

Bulk, bagged and liquid fertiliser inspection, sampling and analysis represent a significant portion of our business. We regularly work with international fertiliser trading companies at factories and load ports throughout Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Tunisia and Morocco.

We are also often employed to protect client's interests concerning quality and quantity at discharge.We provide a comprehensive range of services for all commonly traded fertilisers.Fertilisers controlled by Humber Inspection International include:

  • Ammonium Nitrate (AN).
  • Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP).
  • Rock Phosphate.
  • Potash.
  • Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN).
  • Triple Super Phosphate (TSP).
  • Ammonium Sulphate (AS).
  • Urea.
  • NPK.
  • Anhydrous Ammonia.