Steel Product Inspection

Humber Inspection work with major international steel producers by providing consultancy services in order to limit damage during transportation by road and vessel. We control a wide variety of products including plates, sheet, coils, billets and finished goods. Hot rolled steel sheet is usually stored in the open and transported without protection to rain. Such sheets therefore generally exhibit a layer of surface rust which is later removed by pickling. Cold rolled sheets are more sensitive to corrosion, it is therefore imperative to prevent contact with moisture at all times.

Our inspectors are familiar with both types of cargo and provide specialist services such as ultra sonic hatch cover testing in order to protect our principals against damage claims. The value of steel is in particular reduced by the effects of corrosion and mechanical damage. Common causes of damage are rust due to sea water, rain exposure, cargo sweat or condensation inside packaging, unsuitable means of transport, vessels with poor hatch covers or without ventilation, damaged containers, exposure to wet weather conditions and variations in temperature and climatic conditions during long voyages can result in costly rust damage. Our highly trained inspectors are fully aware of the implications of such problems to our clients and therefore work with them in providing a range of protective measures in order to limit damage.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Damaged cargo survey
  • Loading / discharge supervision (24 hour)
  • Packing inspection / marking verification
  • Inspection for manufacture faults (dents, bends, pitted areas, rust etc.)
  • Supervision of stevedoring operations / stowage
  • Silver Nitrate testing (to check whether water present is saline or fresh)
  • Hatch cover testing (hose and ultrasonic)