Loaded Forestry Products

Humber Inspection International work with timber traders, paper/board manufacturers and shipping companies by providing a range of quality control methods and quantity verification services. 

We offer a full range of inspection solutions from testing product moisture prior to shipment, to verifying cargo landing against packing list at destination. We have considerable experience at protecting client's interests at loadports in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Romania and on receiving cargo in the UK.

  • Services:
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection.
  • Moisture determination.
  • Quality control - checking product conforms to contractual specifications.
  • Size verification.
  • Marking verification.
  • Rejecting out of specification product.
  • Witnessing packing and banding.
  • Grading.
  • Tallying.
  • Full supervision of loading ensuring product is stowed correctly aboard vessel or into container.
  • Container sealing.
  • Full supervision of discharge ensuring product is handled in a correct manner.
  • Damaged cargo investigation.
  • Water Ingress investigation.
  • Cross referencing product discharged against packing list.