Humber Inspection International
provide cost effective supervision, weighing, sampling and analytical solutions which are tailored to meet individual client requirements. Our international network of offices and laboratories enables us to supply first class services at warehouses, stores, manufacturing sites and ports of loading and discharge.


 Pre-Shipment Inspection.
 Quality control - checking product conforms to contractual specifications.
 Rejecting out of specification product.
Full supervision of loading ensuring product is stowed correctly aboard vessel or into container.
 Supervision of stevedoring operations / stowage.
 Full supervision of discharge ensuring product is handled in a correct manner.
 Inspection for manufacture defects.
 Loss prevention.
 Damaged cargo investigation.
 Water Ingress investigation.
 Silver Nitrate testing (to check whether water present is saline or fresh).
 Representative sampling.
 Weighbridge control issuing all drivers with our own weighbridge control tickets.
 Checking transport is clean and acceptable to carry product.
 Witnessing packing and banding to ensure appropriate application.
 Cross referencing product discharged against packing list.
 Marking verification.
 Bagging supervision.
 Random bag weight verification.
 Size verification.
 Moisture determination.
 Explosive free checks.
 Radioactivity testing.
 Temperature testing.
 Calibration checks.
 Container inspection.
 Container sealing.
 Hold Cleanliness inspection.
 Ultrasonic hatch testing.
 Hatch hose testing.
 Draught survey.
 On/Off hire survey.
 Bunker survey.
 Hold condition survey.
 Tank calibration.
 Warehouse control.
 Stock audits.
 Stock management.
 Independent auditing.
 Cargo expedition.
 Ship to ship transfer.
 Terminal management.
 Tank farm management.
 Collateral management.
 Tank cleanliness.
 Wall wash test.
 Tank and meter calibration.
 Terminal inventory.
 Cargo blending advice.
 Pipeline transfers.
 Loss prevention advice.
 Pipeline maintenance including regular inspection of valves and manifolds.
 Bunker survey.
 Barge services.
 Railcar tank loading/discharge survey.
 Independent stock audits.
 Photographic evidence.